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How to make abstract art.

I’ve been recently intrigued by colourful and (should I say) soulful abstract art with the trappings of contrasting colours, scratchy lines and etchings and decided to have a go. Having hit an inspirational plateau, I decided to give abstracts a go right away to see if it would rekindle my zeal to step into my studio each morning. It’s quite a volte-face from my usual portraits but I love a challenge. 

Whenever I need to learn something outside my comfort zone, I go to YouTube and also search hashtags on social media to see what comes up. The acrylic abstract scene led me to mixed media which includes all kinds of pens, charcoals, pastels, graphites in addition to the usual acrylic and oil paints. I finally stumbled on Monique Carr’s online abstract class with cold wax and oils as mediums of choice.

I’ve not got my cold wax yet (that will have to wait till I get to my UK studio later in the year), but I practised the style with acrylics. I’m having fun being so free from measuring distances between eyebrows. 

Turquoise blue abstract paintingAbstract skyscape blue turquoise painting

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