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Posts Relating to my Life as an Artist

  • My Six Essential Tools for Efficient Oil Painting

    These six tools will certainly improve your efficiency while painting in oils. Oil painting for beginners. Oil painting supplies. Learn how to paint in oils.
  • How Did I Become A Self Taught Fine Artist?

    Becoming a self-taught fine artist can be a rewarding journey filled with self-discovery and creative growth. I once was a corporate HR professiona...
  • Embracing the Beauty of Muted Tones

    ´╗┐In a world saturated with bold and vibrant hues, there is a growing appreciation for the understated allure of muted tones. Embracing the beauty o...
  • How to make abstract art.

    How do you start off painting abstracts?
  • From Human Resources to a Career in Fine Art

    How l became a full time artist.